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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 15, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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. >> parade of storms is lining up and taking aim at the bay area. we just saw the first one pass us by. next one is on the way. this is a live picture from our exploratorium camera looking toward the east bay. looks pretty nice tonigh tonight. good evening thanks
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for joins. i'm amma. >> i'm dan. today storm is the beginning of a 1, 2, 3 punch. next one tomorrow followed by a bit of a break then third storm on friday. about spencer is tracking the rain with live doppler 7hd. >> depending where you are in the bay area may experience quiet conditions or stormy conditions. we see widely scattered areas of showers and pockets of heavy downpour. let's look at the north bay close-up view here. we see a line of cells moving just north of the golden gate in parts of marin coun and farther north we see some activity up in sonoma county as well. a long line of delevoping system offshore manufacturing generally in our direction. not a completely quiet night weather wise and we had powe powerful out burst in the if and flood advisory in effect for this limited area of southern sonoma county and northern marin county. that's
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in effect until 9:15. athletic advisory will then expire. rainfall total quite impressiv impressive. 1.4 inches in san francisco since 4:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. nearly 1.4 across the bay in oakland. inch in lexington reservoir and kentville 3 and quarter inches and we have a little bit more on the way as we do forecast animation. you see area pockets of showers and downpour overnight hours as well. >> all right spencer thank you so much. marin county received some of the heaviest rainfall during last weak storms. reservoir they are now spilling over. wayne has more from san anselmo. >> to see it fully dramatic example of how much rain has fallen on marin county it requires a bit of a trek down an old narrow winding staircase 143 feet. the farther you go the more water that cascades behind you. but still that is not the impressive part. this is. sfichlt you are looking at
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alpine dam from the bottom. first time the gates have open entered two years maybe more. up above alpine like is so full that water touches the branches of trees on the shoreline. this is one of 4 reservoir in marin county their now spilling over. >> our reservoir system is built so that as one reservoir fills the water spills over into another reservoir this. >>reporter: morning marin county storage almost 131 percent of normal for this dat date. thanks mostly to december christmas present in the form of rainfall. 17 inches for the month and the month is only half over. which ladies to a question. is the drought over time. governor has not changed his stand and we are not going to either. >>reporter: may rip benefits from a water system built to catch rain not snow. it spilled downhill into storm drain and along the creek west of fairfax and became a torrent by the time it reached the ink well falls. last year at this time they were a trickle. now
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they are the closest thing to niagara fall ins marin. many resident who know the area felt compelled to visit and to look. >> jump down there rate now would you about down the creek in minutes. >>reporter: that's what you get in a wet december after 17 inches of rain. from marin county, abc 7 news. >> now most of the state major reservoir still have a ways to good here but things are looking weather at folsom like at sacramento week of storms raised the level by 7 feet. the reservoir is only 37 percent of capacity. that's better than last january when it was just 17 percent. like orville and shasta also risen to more than 30 percent at this point. >> impact says latest round of rain was clearly visible in nap a.tree came crashing down on to the roof o. tree service came out and cut the trunk removing it piece by piece. building inspectors will now determine if the house will have to be red tagged.
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>> him if san francisco city crew removed a fallen true in the panhandle. city saw helpful rain this morning and it caused localize street flooding as well. >> storm wasn't a major one but it caused the share of problem problems. high water closed the intersection of highway 121 and 12 in sonoma county near shellville. highway patrol shut it down several hours ago. still closed. >> several community on the planes are still trying to recover from the rain that we received over the past few da days. and they are in a hurry 0to do so before we get hit any harder. certainly why is in belmont. >> craw hired by the mobile home park here spent much of the morning pumping water off the property. also built this temporary drainage pipe that divert the washingtons in city gutters and they have instuld a pump that side phone water on the other side of the concrete wall. run off from highway 101 should be going down this drain instead it was backing up and
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spilling into the park. cal-trans spokesperson said they are trying to determine why this is happening and who is responsibility it is to fix the problem. for now the water has gone down in the park sought red cross delivered disaster clean up kits. >> today because the water has gone down and people will cleaning up we are delivering these here in belmont. >> resint say they have to clean up in the dark. >> it has been kind of rough on everybody. we have no electricity yet. >> in redwood city residents at 2 neighboring mobile home park are also trying to recover this dumpster at the mobile home park here is filled with flood soaked belongings. at la mar trailer park residents were nervously watching the drain hoping that they can handle today's rain. >> it's the problem. just fills up and then stays filled up and the park fills up. film the park. >> carlos garcia was evacuated this weekend when the park flooded. it was also red tagged because health officials were concerned the water was contaminated. >> water got independence my
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place. st probably like 6 feet independent every room. >> he's still trying to dry out from the last storm. this is abc 7 news. >> track the weather where you live with live doppler 7hd by down loading the 7 news weather app good to the our web site slash app or get it free from the apple app store or google play. >> you and members of the abc 7 news team are sharing pictures and video from a storm on social media. we really appreciate it. show us the weather where you live. use storm watch on the post so we can find your pictures. >> protestors gather peacefully in oakland tonight to remember those killed by police. several dozen people stood around like merit with candle and cell phones. they offered prayers and said aallowed the names of people killed by officers. family children joined in the remembrance. >> michael brown senior attended a rally in san francisco this evening. brown son was fatally shot by police officer in ferguson, missouri
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last year. event organized by black student union across the school contradict to provide an open discussion about race issues in society. the uncle of oscar grant was also in attendance. grant was shot by a bart officer in 2009. for some reason media attendance was not prmented to record sound at the rally. >> we just get the first look at protest in berkeley from the weekend. large group of demonstrators standing chanting when a woman tried to drive through the crowd. that's when things began to east ka lit. protestors hit the car. yelled at her. few demonstrators open her car door and argued with her. short time later the woman was able to turn around and then drive off. >> the city of berkeley is expecting a big turn out at tomorrow night council meeting. scheduled to start at 7:00 o'clock at long fellow middle school auditorium. cancel last weak because of concerns of an overflow crowd during the protest. council says it will open the meeting up for public comment. >> much more to get to on this
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monday night. san jose police officer send threatening tweet to anti-police protestors. what he said that could cost him his job. >> also. conditions in the sierra what to expect if heading to tahoe. >> 7 news weather anchor spencer is tracking the next storm. the timing and intensity of storm no. 2 with live doppler 7hd female announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa!
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and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. thank you! thank you! ¡gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you.
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you. >> tweet about the protest that have gripped the bay area and the country brought demands that the san jose police department fire the officer who sent them. officer philip white made feelings clear in the tweet and now more than one investigation is under way. here's abc 7 news reporter vic lee with more. >>reporter: tweet were directed at protestors who had been demonstrating against the police shootings of up armed black men. officer philip white tweet reed threaten me or my family and i will use my god given law appointed right and duty to kill. cops lives matter. by the way if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter i'll be at the movies tonight off duty carrying my gun. the reaction was quick and predictable. >> i think he needs to lose his job. >> reverend moore sits on the san jose police community advisory board with other leaders of san jose civil
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rights groups at the regular meeting. everyone hear had read the tweets. >> fear is that he tweeted this to maybe some other friends so other officers in the department that are part of this tweet. >> police officer association disavow the postings. >> disrespectful 0fichs and inappropriate comment on social media have no place in the public discourse involving the tragic loss of life in officer involved incidents around the country. we condemn these comments. >>reporter: this morning someone filed a complaint with judge cordel san jose independent police auditor. that trying ears police internal affairs probe which will look into whether white tweets violated a chief order which warns officers from poingtding on social media anything that would reflect adversely against the department. white may have also violated the duty manual policy on conduct unbecoming an officer. >> basically the rule says officers are not to engage in that kind of conduct either on
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or off duty. >> white is a 20 years vet run who taught gang prevention to kichltdz also assistant basketball coach at menlo klechblingt the school fired him today after learning of the tweets. police department today placed white on administrative leave saying in a statement his tweet do not reflect the thoughts or feelings of the men and women here at the san jose police department. nor do we condition done this type of behavior. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> back to the weather now. winter storm we are having are beginning to pay off tonight for the tahoe ski resort. last week storms dropped up to 2 feet of new snow and they picked autopsy few more inches today. this is downtown truckee where there were frequent flurry. so far local merchant like what they see. >> this is what we love. this is what the local call white gold where it just keeps snowing so every day our guests and visitors whether they are skiing or snowboarding they get the fresh snow because it fills
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in the dai fate before it's whole new mountain but not dumping where you captain get over the past. this is ideal. >> this is what interstate 80 looked like earlier this afternoon. more of that white gold ride. here's what it look like tonight. video from cal-trans camp are at king veil few miles west of donner summi summit. currently chain control posted for both interstate 80 and highway 50. >> north star provided this video of people enjoying all the fresh snow and this year is expected to drop tonight and storms coming in tomorrow and friday setting up to be a great holiday season for all the resorts. >> that's grit for them and snow pack up there and all of this is just grit fuss exactly what a sea change it has been from the last few most. >> absolutely. spencer. >> all of a sudden. last couple week. heavy rain here and now adequate amount of snow to get the season started over in the sierra. look at live doppler 7hd. we have rain falling scattered pockets around the bay area and some of the pockets feature heavy rainfall. let's look at is
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what happening down south bay into the santa cruz mountains rate now. a line of very powerful downpour stormy conditions in the southern region of santa cruz mountains through capitola over into the morganhill area. we have a special marine warping for this area in effect until 9:30 tonight. concern about strong gusty wind and possibility of lightning. meanwhile up in the bay area long line of developing pockets of storminess offshore beginning to move generally towards the heart of the bay area. right now through parts of marin county we have a couple storm cell one on the coast line there just south of san rafael moving towards richmond. so we have active weather not blanke blanketing the entire region but continuing to definitely and we'll see the pattern throughout the evening and overnight. exploratorium camera out over the bay show cloudy conditions her and these are forecast feature we see scattered showers overnight some locally heavy downpour. rain intensify across the boar board. by midday tomorrow we see a weaker storm arriving on
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friday. here's satellite radar composite image. cold front pushed through early today that brought us the wave of storms behind it of course. we have isolated areas of stormy weather so these showers will continue tonight then the next storm system our second one of the week arrives midday tomorrow. that is going to have a pretty powerful punch as well and some of our storm risk with the system moderate risk for your bap flooding down tree and urban flooding because of the saturated soil, not so much the wind. low risk for river flooding. expect to get 2 and a half inches of rain fall wet east location from the system. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning if the morning commute begins we see some isolated showers. they won't be wide spread but the roadway wet. there could be some pooling and ponding of water from early rainfall then more arriving in a powerful wave tomorrow right around midday in the early afternoon. stormy conditions all across the bay area. that willless through the afternoon. so
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afternoon evening commute not an easy one then overnight into wednesday we sea scattered showers tapering off finally winding down by late wednesday night so by 11:00 o'clock wednesday night we are lacking ahead and estimating rainfall total up to about 2 and a half inches in the north by mountains and if the santa cruz mountains anywhere from 3 quarter investigators inch and a half in the lower elevation and tonight as we continue to see showers passing through look for low pressure mainly mid upper 40's then tomorrow shower morning and stormy afternoon high mid upper 50's and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. showers on wednesday tapering off overnight into thursday morning. mainly dry day expected thursday but third storm for this week araves on friday. showers tapering off on saturday. after that looks like we get 3 quurters of the dry weekend. >> okay. man everything out just right. >> exactly. you.
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>> the grinch made a visit to condition cord last week. >> why folk now believe oh, yes santa
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>> 3 inmates who famously escaped from alcatraz in the 60's had a small chance of survival. a study by scientis scientist, they were bank robbers who spent months digging escape tunnel using sharpen spoons n.june of 1962 they left dumpy head in the bed made of soap toilet paper and hair as they made their escape. investigators believe they made a raft out of rain coats to cross the bay. despite intense search effort they were
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never seen again. researchers say the strong currents would have pushed the inmates to thehy they paddled if that were the case they would have spent so much time in the water they would have either dade of hypothermia why or caught by police by the time the sun came up. researchers say if they paddled to the north bay tide would have worked in the favor and increase the chances of survival. >> well just in time to ring in the new year this restaurant in los gatos taking reservation once again after fire devastated it early this year. popular restaurant had significant smoke water damage during early morning fire back in july. restaurant has 2 michigan stars. >> we have some grit news tonight. thieves who target add bay area charity will not ruin the holiday for more than a dozen needy family. >> no grinch here. all gift to open thanks to the kindness of strangers. clothes food toys taken from a storage box at the salvation army in concord last wednesday. >> they were set aside for 14
9:24 pm
of the 48 family for adopted by students at danville about mont vista high school this weekend we told you all but one family have been adepositeded again by new donor. >> stob stepped up to replace the items if for 14 family so everyone is taken customer of for the hotel did. wonderful ending. >> just ahead. dramatic stand off in sydney. ends with death of 3 people. latest on the hostage situation in australia. >> also. vigorous defense today of bill cosby from his wife. camille. why she says she doesn't believe the women accusing him of sexual assault. >> and why egg prices likely going up in the new year. >> stay wi us. another half ps pass.7 news at 9
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>> we begin this half hour in sydney, australia where mysterious gunman took 17 hostages holding them for 16 hours ina cafe. >> tonight 3 people including the gunman are dead. victim are ka trend a dawson a lawyer and mother of 3. tory johnson the manager of the cafe reportedly shot attempting to wrestle the fair arm away from the gunman. >> david wright is in sidney tonight. >> after the 16 hour stand off the dramatic rescue took less than a minute. australian police tossing flash grenade and storming the cafe. fiery end to crisis that began at 9:45 this morning. just blocks from the miles per hour cons lieutenant an world famous sydney open are house at the chocolate cafe in the heart of downtown sydney. gun machine identified here taking 17 hospital stachblingts the hands pressed against a window of the
9:29 pm
cafe. live tv broadcasting this chilling image hostages raising a black islamic flag. the buildings evacuated. downtown area on lock down. while inside the cafe the gunman in plain sight. then nearly 5 hours into the stand off 3 men burst from the cafe sprint to go safety. later 2 women. running for their live lives. and then the hostage video began. gunman demanding an isis flag and chance to speak with the australian prime minister. >> he's asking for flag and phone call. >> after 2 many a another hostage. running to safety. dropping to the ground. then 5 more. 15 minutes later the raid.
9:30 pm
>> they believed at that time if they didn't enter they would have been many more lives lost. >>reporter: hostages finally free. some of them carried to safety. 2 killed in the melee and tonight the gunman himself also dead. mind me here the street still block off. all the buildings evacuated. australia largest city brought to stand still as dramatic event unfolded. australian prime minister said it's tragic beyond words but australian going about their ordinary lives could be caught up in such horrific incident. sydne sydney. >> 6 other people injured including 2 pregnant women. u.s. consulate in sydney steps from the site of the siege is closed. as for the gunman police recognize the man almost immediately 50-year-old man was actually out on bill awaiting trillion for some 40 alleged sexual assault. he's an iran refuse you gee who was best
9:31 pm
known in industrial for writing offensive letters to the family of australian soldiers killed in afghanistan. but listening before he tack to veils today mane extreme muslim in australia had condemned him as phoney fake clare being. australian prime minister has ordered flag to be flown at half staff. >> man hunt under way in pens vin for gunman who killed 6 people. swat people marching through this area where suspected gun man lives. neighbors were told to stay inside their homes. police believe stone killed his ex-wife. her mother. and grandmother and 3 more about of ex-wife fame family. crime scene in 3 different city. neighbor watched as heavily armed police rush in a home this morning. >> we heard the flash back good off. smoke come up that was i it. got back inside because we don't know if it's safe or not. >> right in the front door we saw the spoke come up. it was crazy. >> he was not in the home.
9:32 pm
police recovered the phone and his car. can't track him. his 2 children were also found alive. he served asthma rinse corps for 8 years. earned several meadow but family says he was discharged from the military because of ptsd. >> he's standing by herman. in a statement camille dismissed accusations made by more than 15 women. they claim cosby drugged and raped them starting in the 60's. camille cosby says that is not the man she knows. instead he's a kind and generous husband and father. she would leak to see a more thorough veting of the accuser accusers. >> cosby another set back today in atlanta college suspended the professorship in his honor. spell man had established endowment professorship in the name of the cosbys. it's a private women college historically enrolled in african american students this comes after cosby resigned from
9:33 pm
the beard of trustee at his alma mater, temple university early this moychlt fall out from the hack attack at sony. they signal they are not done and suggested a christmas surprise is on the way. we have the latest. >> it's the movie at the center of soapy embarrassing cyberscandal. now the stars of the interview are speaking out for the first time since hacker broke into the studio computer system. stealing leaking mountains of hollywood secrets. seventh and james telling george stephanopolous they have no regret making a come by about north korea. >> dui imagine would you stir up a storm like this. >> i don't know if the hacking is because of our movie definitively or not. the movie is silly an not to be controversial. >> the group claiming to be the hackers calling themselves guard i don't know of peace striking again this weekend reportedly threatening to
9:34 pm
deliver ominous christmas gift even more stolen files that promise to put sony in the worst state yet. >> unprecedented attack and represents the world trade center shed moment in cybersecurity. >>reporter: sony now firing back. asking news organization including abc news to dlet and not publish the hacked at that time sony if ceo dresses concerns. on the list of highly expensetive material reportedly stillen an early bit of 707 complete with the fbi investigating. >> sony dent appear to be backing down. interview is still set for release on christmas day. is he sell yee abc news, los angeles. egg prison could jump by 20 percent in confidential. the cost increase is a result of legislation approved in 2008 to prevent chicken farmers from valuing production over animal
9:35 pm
welfare. they knew need roughly 116 square inches a more than 70% increase. extra space won't be 43 and cost likely consumers. anticipation of the change driven egg prices up 25 cents in the past month. >> it's an order to pack up and get out. >> yes. eviction, klein and get out. >> yes. eviction, klein and good samaritan for dozens of and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down.
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>> i wonder where he's taking it. >> bag of belongings packed up and shipped off in san jose today. people who used to live
9:39 pm
in the jungle homeless encampment was kicked out of another location. we explain what is next for the set of residents. >> by the time we unzip the kit they were moving our stuff for us. >>reporter: for the second time in less than two weeks homeless pack up their things and leave their encampment. this time a group was evicted off center and tell road in san jose about 2 miles from where they used to live. sight known as the jungle. >> i barely had time to put my shoes on and they had the cleanup craw in my stuff throwing stuff away just like, like it's nothing leak we are nobody. >>reporter: city cleared the jungle december 4th. but some continue camping outside. >> this is the same question we were asking before when they closed out the jij. if not here then where. >> there are services available. there is support visible. >> san jose homeless rae response manager are using every source possible to get
9:40 pm
homeless to house 150 people since the original eviction. >> can't represent unsafe unsanitary unstable place. didn't want people to be at risk. >> homeless if members of temple gave them rain booth. some witness on housing and meantime want legal police to many camp n.san jose, abc 7 news. >> if you use social media somebody wants to hear from you extending invitation to apply for theless of new swais craft. monitor moisture in earth soil. launch scheduled for january 29 at 6:20 am. they want people to cover it with national media. they will if have 70 taken the 2 day event. seen up just do internet searc
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search. get involved. >> up next. justin days until christmas, will the package get there the in time. (vo) nourished.
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rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> the driver lost control and spilled packages on the roadwa roadway. fedex crew jumped that action. reloading the packages in another truck to help reduce any possible delivery delay. >> with justin days to good hard to believe, surge of company promise that the packages will make it to the destination on time. >> rebecca with the reality check tonight. >> busiest shipping day of the year for fedex. shoppers with the last minute orders. last year estimated two million
9:45 pm
packages begin teed for delivery by christmas eve arrived long after santa did. this year ups and fedex already announce they can no longer offer money back guarantee that your packages sent with ground shipping will arrive by christmas. now retailers hoping to within your business are pushing delivery date to the brink. more than a quarter now guaranteeing on time delivery as long as you order three days before christmas. >> they want our $and will do anything to make fight shipping company stepping up their gym too. ups hiring 95,000 seasonal workers. fedex expecting to manufacture more than 2 90 million shipments. and u.s. postal service delivering 7 days a week through the hotel difficult season. >> 100 percent certain your tree will be full of gifts around it. click and collect. click and collect that's the buzz word. >>reporter: other option is to pay up rush or air shipping which cost more but it's still
9:46 pm
guaranteed by christmas but again for pro contracts ty an anytors feel it this year for christmas. rebecca abc news new york. >> 7 on your side michael finney told us today that thursday is free shipping day. idea is simple. free shipping. no minimum. delivery by christmas eve. participate in free shipping day mir khnt are to offer free shipping on all order with delivery by christmas eve. some free shipping deal come with additional pushing. link to the web sit and good to the 7 on your side section of the 7 >> officials say lava from volcano in hawaii on occurs to reach shoching center in 7 to continue dis. it's now about a mile from the small town here. shopping center has supermarke supermarket, farmer store and goods station. he will tray to use the full then pump out whatever is left then fill it with water and phone.
9:47 pm
uncertainty about when the lava might reach the shopping center. nobody ordered to he have been ate so far but again look like it might be a week to continue difficulties away. >> one last check on the weather. >> it's not a week or 10 difficulties away. more rain. >> mr. and more just non-stop. begging for it and now it's here. we have a trail of heavy downpour moving through the area of the powerful storm cell out moving out to the price of napa county and solana county out over the bay then over the coastal water we have another line of powerful cell developing and move in scattered satisfaction so that is our pattern as we mav into tomorrow morning. meanwhile look at our season to date percent of frl written fall and all location in the bay area are well above the normal for the season. not for the last 2 or 3 years before the season exploratorium l 25% of normal rainfall total. not so good is
9:48 pm
the snow pack state weighed we are at only 41 percent of the norm for this pop in the seaso season. well ahead of last year measly 29 percent at this point. we need more snow and some is going to definitely over the next couple days we have a storm moving in her tomorrow. produce heavy rainfall strong gusty wipd wind it will agree snow the sierra 7 day forecast showers on sunday. early difficult showers thursday they be mainly dry the next day. tell storm on friday then dry weekend with the exception of few showers lingering showers early saturday morning. >> san jose ebay rye right in the middle of frenzy of prince george. duke and dech duchess rae leased these pictures of their son. sweater quickly sold out now showing up on ebay but up to if you are teams the original price. british company that make the vest hope
9:49 pm
to restock the pwrond by next month. >> look good. >> a little sweater like that vest. >> tell i about the all the boy george sweeters. l. >> tell i about the all the boy george sweeters. l. >> tough to resell those >> good luck. >> all right. fans hope john gets out of the booth to save the raiders. i haveed about news
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>> coming up. another storm with more ribbon the way. spencer talk about still struggling to klain after the last round. tonight how people comparing for the wet week ahead. >> plus last year it was a dream. this year a reality. how local hospital changed the life of the teenager one thought too sick to save. >> those stories and more when thought too sick to save. >> those stories and more when we see you at 11:00 o'clock
9:53 pm
youism this is a strange ending strong season for the frainers. >> jim harbaugh enthusiasim unknown to mankind. we are sort of petering out. >> this east okay. >> who has it better than us. >> a lot of people. >> those going to the play offs have it better. we have entered the awkward lingering death phase of the harbaugh with the frainers. less to the seahawks yesterday officially eliminated the 9ers from any play off contention and the count done partway and some sort of miracle that takes place. >> apology from the nfl incorrectly the roughing the passer penalty on nick in fourth quarter. out of position made a bad call. niners would have held seattle to field goal and kept it one possession game at 13-7. penalty made automatic first down. seahawks would go on to score a touch down and then 1
9:54 pm
17-7 victory. niners now 7 and 7. ton of injuries. harbaugh insisting they are not just mailing it in final 2 gyms. >> we have a lieutenant to play for. play next 2 gyms like our lives depend on it. playing for whipping season and winning for each other. playing for the honor of the gym. in a lot of ways i have never been prouder in our team. for the guys that showed up. for the guys that fought. in a lot of way never prouder. >> now you may have seen this video montana on the side line in seattle yesterday. there was a reason for his visit to the emerald city. last night after the game he joined lynch oakland own lynch and his charitable foundation event. joe wife jennifer designed necklace for lynch that were part of the thawms were auction off. proceed went to lynch family foundation and joe's montana family foundation and
9:55 pm
raised over 325,000 dollars. see those 2 together there but niners 7-7. play offs. drew breasts in the saints 6 and 8 and leading the south that crush chicago tonight. monday night football. josh hill and 2 catches tonight. both for touch downs. 8 yard there for 7 nothing lead. cutler under siege sack 7 times by the saints defense bear man not happy. third quarter. breeze. killed again. touch down. l same play. saints 24 nothing lead things really going wooly in chicago. and they go on to win 31-15. mark davis and rai raider fans hoping to lure john gruden back to the side lines. bad news at half time tonight. there he is with mike. espn announcing during the game that gruden agreed to contract extension that will keep him broadcasting for espn for the the 2021 season. so not coming become to the raiders any time
9:56 pm
soon. still learning how to win. they beat the chiefs then crushed by the ram. upset the niners then clobbered yesterday in kc. zillion question for this football team. starting with who will be the head coach next year and oh, yes where are they going to play. lease runs out at the end of the season. murray a keeper. part of the future. he likes the way tony guided the raiders. >> he can relate to the players a lot. he's constantly motivating us. so he just kind of reminds us that even though the season hasn't gone the way we want to go just to stay positive remain positive and just rye to look forward to the next week. >> warriors 16 game winning streak will be tested for sure tomorrow in memphis especially with an draw out again resting his sore knee. were yours 21 and 2 but no threat to the 1996 chicago bulls who post best
9:57 pm
record ever 72 and 10 along with jordan. the team featured warriors coach steve ker was asked whether this the one matched the old bull record. he like the temperature and says this soap was actually years in the making. >> i'm a huge believer in continuity and interm growth and the fact we kept our team together. that you can see that the foundation that has been laid here the last couple years is now even blossoming. that's what it takes in the league not just talent but internal growth and developmen development. >> speaking of former bulls. 67 win squad in the 91-92 season. honored at tonight game in cal polly. turning defense in offense. had threaten points. cory hiliard will jab step right then left. drives strong to the rack. but
9:58 pm
the mustang cal polly turning the team last year. the too much love. you have too much love. cal polly wins on the hilltop 78-71. 13 free throw didn't help. sacramento kings lacking like a real team for the first time in a long tim what do they do they fire head coach michael malone for the 11 and 13 but been without cousin for the past 9 gyms. had a rift with upper management and ownership you know how it goes. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> sound like speaking from experience. >> if guy on top wins. >> golden rule. guy with the golden rule. >> make the rules. >> yes thank you larry thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time see you in an hour on the big 7. appreciate your time see you in an hour on the big 7. >> love my boss.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
you guys are gonna watch tv and let me do the dishes even after i made dinner? (tv playing indistinctly) picked up dinner. fine. ordered dinner, and then grayson picked it up. i ordered dinner. oh, no one cares. now help me do the dishes. we can't. "rudy" is on. if the end comes on when rudy finally gets in the game, you just gotta stop and watch. it's epic.


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